Tuesday, August 21, 2007

allez-y piane-piane

which means something along the lines of "easy does it," according to french word-a-day. i just like the way it sounds.

we took bean's blackbelt friend, jukado, to cambridge with us this weekend. mom was busy working for much of the time (on-call massage therapist at the hyatt, where she had, among others, a sweet japanese client who requested a ninety minute long foot massage), but we walked around boston and cambridge and met up with my dad here and there. we ate some great food, drank some iced coffee drinks, browsed in many bookstores, perused the cool stuff at black ink, tried on clothes at urban outfitters, and admired the fancy stereo equipment at b&o (boo's favorite). on sunday afternoon, bean and her "meat" essay were the highlights of a boston vegetarian society event, which had poignant moments punctuated by christopher guest moments. i'll say no more about that, but if you see bean, ask her to do her very special parker posey imitation. afterwards, we got to feast at grasshopper, one of our favorite feasting grounds.

the weather has been so cool, so autumnal -- my favorite kind, but it does kind of bring the summer to a sudden, screeching halt. there are still summery things i want to do! bean and boo don't start school until september 6th, so we've still got more than two full weeks of freedom.

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