Friday, July 13, 2007


i might not be writing much over the next week and a half or so, since we're going on an actual vacation! we will leave tomorrow and drive to my very best friend holly's house, and from there we'll head to long beach island, new jersey on sunday morning. we're planning a longer visit with holly & co. on the return trip. i am really looking forward to being away, all five of us (including minnow, who will get to play with his canine cousins at the beach). this has been my mantra, probably to an annoying degree, but i personally celebrate the fact that after seven long years, we are able to go away together for a real vacation. when the store was open, a two-day weekend was a rare occurrence! anyway, i'll take lots of pictures and blog like a rock star when i get back.

you learn something new every day: i didn't know what the word "portmanteau" meant until today (i think it means coat rack or something in french, and it's an old-fashioned/british way to refer to a suitcase, but i'm speaking of the merging of two words to form a new word. like web + log= blog). and still i managed to ace the verbal part of the sat, imagine that... question: is "to blog" just as bad a verb as "to journal"?

my dreams last night were all about characters from the o.c. i won't even tell you how late we allowed our children to stay up watching season two. did i mention my i-phone dream? m bought two i-phones, one for me and one for him, but they looked just like our t.v. remote except they were red. when i wondered how he'd managed to afford two i-phones, he said something about "selling some of those motorcycles i have in topeka."


Anonymous said...

HAVE A GREAT VACATION!!!!! We'll be thinking of you frolicking in the surf!

Adam said...

Here's the teacup video! My first video post!