Wednesday, July 25, 2007

home again

well, we're now officially home after a really fun and relaxing week on long beach island with my mom and dad, both of my bruddies and their amazing wives, and my sweeties robot boy and pink, punctuated on either end by a couple of wonderful days with my bestest friend holly and her family in connecticut. above you'll see a picture of a gorgeous bean, with boo behind her preparing to plunge into the surf. we spent many hours on the beach, swimming and boogie boarding in water that felt pretty warm to our maine selves.

we also found ourselves a perfect beach haven hangout, chocolate bar; it was open late, had a foosball table and comfy couches, and lots of chocolate on the menu.

much knitting was done there and in the beach house; bean and her aunties (as well as boo, robot boy, and m) all frequented the island yarn store too.

we forgot to photograph all the stores and restaurants with funny puns in their names, like "oh fudge," "jer-sea realty," and "living on the veg," which was another favorite destination for vegan sandwiches and smoothies.

on tuesday, we celebrated my mom and dad's birthdays with a japanese feast and vegan cupcakes. here's pink enjoying her frosting:

friday night, after a visit to the arcade (oh, how i hope that adam posts the video he took of j on the teacups ride!), m and j took all the kids to the bookstore to stand in line for their copies of harry potter 7. this is what boo looked like all day saturday:

(and three out of four of us finished the book by sunday afternoon!)

we were reluctant to leave, finally, monday morning, but stopping at holly's for a day made it an easier transition. she has just about the sweetest little family ever, and staying in her house is like being in the cushiest bed and breakfast imaginable -- except you only have to chat with your very best friend over coffee in the morning.

i know i keep repeating this ad nauseam, but it really had been many many years since all four of us went on vacation together for an entire week (when boo was a baby, we went to ocracoke with my mom and dad, but i honestly don't think we've done it since then, certainly not while the store was open). it was everything we hoped for!


Adam said...

What a great post! I'm trying to figure out how to get my video onto YouTube almost as I type.

You forgot to mention Urine Luck!

Adam said...

Here's the teacup video!

Anonymous said...

What about "Cluck you!" That's another charming name for a restuarant, oh, say a chicken one!