Saturday, June 23, 2007

summer schedule

what happened to the rest of the week? suddenly, it's saturday evening. bean spent most of the week with my mom and dad in cambridge. m took the bus down to join her for a couple of days (and while he was there, he fixed my parents' pesky computer, even retrieving my dad's lost i-tunes catalog!). while they were gone, boo and i watched a bunch of oc episodes and a p.o.v. documentary on somali immigrants which was fascinating. we also did other stuff which didn't require us to sit in front of the television. really.

while boo was playing at crazy girl's house one afternoon, i watched the first four episodes of the most recent sopranos season (kindly provided to me by dancer lady's spouse...let's call him sports fan). when boo went to the beach the next day with his friend leander, i watched the next four episodes. which means i have the very last episode to savor, when i get a solitary hour to enjoy it! i was sewing while i watched, and i'm sure i missed some details, so i'm looking forward to watching the whole season again with m eventually.

in other news, bean and i started the rosetta stone program for french. oh la la! c'est formidable!

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