Sunday, June 10, 2007


last week was busy and fun enough for me to have gathered a little photographic evidence. some things we did, not necessarily in this order, were:

we took boo out for one last friday-morning-before-school hot chocolate at arabica

bean prepared a very elaborate vegan hungarian meal of seitan paprikas, pickled salad, and homemade dumplings (which tasted a little like gnocchi). she served special russian kusmi tea with it. m and i loved the whole meal, and boo loved the dumplings, and we all loved the tea, but bean decided that ultimately she's not a big fan of hungarian food. she still intends to visit central europe one day, though.

we attended a school event at which bean's french film was shown (see le professeur adorable, below, showing le film). i should clarify: her french teacher is on my cute list.

et voila, la passion de mlle glissando:

this week m gocco'd (goccoed?) - screen printed - our milo in maine logo onto a bunch of boxes. this way we can package our tees all nice and gifty! they look great.

our friends heather, matt, ava, and nick came to stay overnight with us this week while the bad fumes from their newly refinished floors dissipated. they were excellent guests, and in the morning, nick walked boo to the bus stop.

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