Thursday, June 07, 2007


ahh, reading some books!

i've just started this one, and it's very interesting -- i'm a little fascinated with the precision of baking, what a delicate science it is. i am already tempted to buy myself a good baking scale. i find things like leavening pretty intriguing after playing around with egg substitutes for a while. but i do need some good fiction to offset the scholarly nature of this book (see below).

not fiction, but this book was a quick read on another two of my favorite topics: driving across the country, and small, aesthetically pleasing houses. karrie jacobs was the founding editor of dwell magazine, and in this book she muses over what her perfect $100,000 house would look like, who might be convinced to help her build it, and where it ought to be located. she looks at pre-fab and other less expensive options, and at the end she's leaning toward a modern a-frame house. the question of whether she can get a well-made, modern, interestingly designed 1,000 square-foot house that inexpensively is ultimately unanswered. or, rather, the answer is "maybe."

dancer lady loaned me this, and it was rough and beautiful and i read it in about five minutes. no, i'm exaggerating. but you know what i mean.

and finally, a mystery novel which lisa loaned to me after my snooty anti-da vinci code blathering. it's international (in fact, translated from spanish), it involves art, it's a mystery, and it's not badly written! i really enjoyed it -- thanks, lisa!


Michael said...

i am happy you liked it! I just finished Valerie Martins new book.. i love her. let me know if you wish to read it. (it's not a mystery. i have a limited knowledge of those titles to offer)

Liz Woodbury said...

you know, i can always use a great book -- i seem to be reading them in about a day lately. i guess i'm making extra time for it, or something. must be spring -- there are just more hours in the day to do things lately. so, yes, i'd love to borrow the valerie martin book, and i'll return your mystery.

Michael said...

okay... i'll bring it tonight