Friday, April 13, 2007


i'm trying not to be too andy rooney today, but here are some observations:

1. most people look pretty bad when they're chewing gum.

2. today i saw a roadside panhandler with a hand-lettered sign which read, heartbreakingly, "birthday boy (4/13/60)."

3. apparently, m and i are both on strike from shoveling "snow." this is unfortunate, since there are about 3 inches of it in our driveway and on our front steps. i'm guessing that if we want to receive mail delivery, come and go easily, etc, we'll have to rethink this position. although the bright, warm sun is giving me hope.

4. i think the world at large should know that a "mocha latte" is the same thing as a "mocha." i prefer "mocha," as it requires fewer words. i hate redundancy.

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