Friday, March 02, 2007

random thoughts

i've got to stop buying my gas at mobil. and so should you.

hey, it's another special wish day today!! it's supposed to precipitate all day long; unfortunately, it may become icy/wet later on. i'm hoping we can don our snowshoes tomorrow and get out in the snow anyway.

in other news, our video camera arrived yesterday!


charlotte said...


charlotte said...;_ylt=ArB2ZaWVmMU68GdsW8xvjoflWMcF

David said...

I can't wait to see your movie making!

Anonymous said...

hey, you guys are lucky to get another special wish day...this same weather pattern is giving us special RAIN day. and i must admit the news of heavy rain and tornadoes killing high schoolers in the mid-west made me a little skittish this morning.....

Michael said...

in my little book(
exxon/mobil got an F. sunoco got an A. there is one on Forest Ave. I forget the other companies that earned a good grade. I'll check later and let you know.

Michael said...

i got off my butt and grabbed the book.

A Sunoco
A- bp, amoco, arco
b+ marathon, ashland, superamerica
b citco, 7- elevon
b- valero, beacon
c+ total, hess
c shell, costco
d conoco, phillips, 76, jetcoastald
d-cheveron, texaco
f exxon, mobil

Liz Woodbury said...

thanks, lisa. i've got to get a copy of that book.

everyone copy miss gliss's link and check out more INTERSPECIES LOVE, my FAVE!

oh holly i think we're getting your rain now, except we also have a huge icy mountain of snow blocking our driveway...i think you're fairly safe from tornadoes in ct, but i know what you mean.

david, bean and boo spent all day today making a movie. i was featured as "the mom."

Mary said...

miss gliss miss gliss. oh yoohoo! can you re-write that link so it can be clicked on? thanks,