Wednesday, February 28, 2007

swear jar, continued

okay, having posted that creepy animated cartoon below will inspire me to keep writing, so as to not have to look at it any more. isn't it weird that the pig doesn't move at all? i guess it's just a statue of a pig. and look at me, with my big big eyes and skinny little legs. and that sexy green sweater i always wear!

the correct answer is...a video camera! i believe my mom got it right, although lisa's guesses showed the most creativity. i was imagining i'd wait to reveal the bounty of the swear jar until we actually received the camera and i'd used it to film a clever little movie, which i would then post on my blog, amazing you all. but who knows how long that'll take me, really. and the other correct answer is $75. bean and boo, m and i are all chipping in on the rest. we've been craving a video camera for a really long time, and both kids have scripts pretty much ready to shoot. i want them to do school day documentaries so i can be a fly on the wall, too. and i am planning to film boo doing the scottish sword dance to yo la tengo's "mr. tough." just you wait.


Anonymous said...

That's neat! Miss Gliss got it right, too, without ever reading about the jar on your blog. I'll be waiting to see some Woodbury-Highs among the Academy Awards contenders in the next decade!

Michael said...

very very cool.

I was looking forward to the sexy sweater trend i thought you were starting in Portland!!

our video camera died and we are really sad about not having one.