Thursday, March 15, 2007

the least decisive man in the world

just came into the cafe. he dithered and considered for a good five minutes, then he asked me bunches of questions (how much would a "cha cha" be? is there coffee in an "almond joy?" how about a mocha? is there coffee in that?) agonizing over his choice, before settling on a cup of brewed coffee. then he agonized over whether he wanted a 12 or a 16 ounce. then he hemmed and hawed over what kind of coffee he wanted, eventually settling reluctantly on vanilla hazelnut. then when i asked him if he wanted me to leave some room for milk or cream, he debated that in his mind, too. seriously, wouldn't you at least know right off the bat whether or not you put cream in your coffee?? and i say this as an occasionally pathologically indecisive person myself. it took this man a good twenty minutes to enter an empty cafe and purchase a cup of coffee.

he was wearing what looked like a pilot uniform, sort of. i tracked down his occupation online.

please come visit me and buy some vegan whoopie pies!


Mary said...

well, I would but I can't make up my mind what to wear or how to get there...........let me think about it some more. Is there coffee in those whoopie pies?

Enoch said...

I may or may not be even more indecisive than that man, perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Hey, will there be whoopie pies there on Friday? I think I might be able to get down there, but if it rains, maybe I won't, or I just don't know what Mami will want to do. Can I let you know tomorrow if I'll be there?