Sunday, March 18, 2007


we're all trembling with excitement, eager to meet lulu, who my parents met yesterday and promptly fell in love with. this week their home will be inspected for dog-worthiness and their references will be called, and then she will be theirs! april, as you can see, is a little nervous about it, as lulu is rumored to be a huntin dawg.


scottheim said...

wait, is Lulu the same as Lil' Ann? (That's the picture I was taken to when I hit the link.) If so, she's beautiful! I want a dog again so bad... it's hell living with an allergic partner.


Liz Woodbury said...

yes, they're one and the same. the foster family named her lil' ann (after a dog in 'where the red fern grows,' i believe), but my mom's been dreaming of a dog named lulu. your puppy was houndy, wasn't he? a beagle? this dog sounds so sweet, i can't wait to meet her. i'm sorry michael's allergic. some day they'll find a cure for that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Lulu will be afraid of April...but probably not !