Tuesday, March 06, 2007


it's cold!

i read an entry on kottke.org today about the red campaign (you've seen it in ads for the gap, apple, sprint, etc), which reminded me of a conversation i had with my mom and dad about it. didn't we end up deciding that instead of buying a sweatshirt at the gap, it might make more sense to donate all of that money to a charitable organization which would directly benefit fighting aids in africa?

jason kottke says, "It seems to me that if The Gap really cared about stopping HIV/AIDS in Africa, they would just donate the $7.8 million they spend on (RED) advertising to the Clinton Foundation." he goes on to advise, "And if you really want to help fight AIDS in Africa, instead of buying that (RED) Gap t-shirt for which Gap will donate 50% of its profit to The Global Fund, buy a cheaper one at American Apparel and send the $13 difference to The Global Fund yourself."

speaking of t-shirts, i'm off to stitch some more wee sizes, and sew labels into some printed tees.


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