Thursday, February 15, 2007

not a special wish day

not at all. quite the opposite, actually. first, i stumbled downstairs at 5:30 to check out channel 3, which quite clearly said "SCHOOL IS CLOSED." in urdu. then hindi. then swahili (i am purely guessing here; all i know is that i was waiting for english, and i gave up. i could see by the snowflakes in the background what was being communicated). so i went back to bed. when boo got up, he was ecstatic. he checked the tv, and called up, "it says school is closed on FEBRUARY 14th!" uh oh... then he and m went outside to start working on the driveway, and he saw some school buses go by, packed with kids. still, he insisted i call his school: the secretary answered, and i said, "um, you' today?"

so then we had a mad rush to gather gloves, snow pants, hats, boots, lunches, school bags, meanwhile i woke up bean (who got a lovely extra hour of sleep). m chopped and hacked his way valiantly through the five foot icy berm of snow which lay between our car and the street, and he delivered bean an hour late and boo right on time.

the day's next adventure occurred when i attempted to casually pull scooby out of the driveway at 2:00 to pick bean up at her bus stop. i was just a bit too casual about it, and i got myself stuck in the snow at the end of the driveway. it ended up taking me almost an hour to extricate myself. it's not the digging that i mind in such situations, it's having an audience of stopped cars at the traffic light on our street. i was tempted to crouch down and hide behind the car during that portion of the traffic cycle when there were seven or eight drivers waiting for the light, gazing at me, but i resisted the urge. and i was eventually able to move the car both forward and back. and bean got a ride home from one of her teachers.


Anonymous said...

thats a stinker roo

thanks for letting cayenne stay on sun

Ginigirl aka crazy girl

Liz Woodbury said...

minnow can't wait to meet cayenne!

Michael said...

We were confused by that too. how much work could it have been to change the message on channel 3!?!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I always rely on, which gives the cancellations in categories, beginning with public schools. I stumbled downstairs that day at 5:45, pretty sure that it would be a special wish day, only to find there was school. However I was able to go to sleep again for a whole hour while Pete shoveled our driveway and my neighbor on the other side was shoveling as well! I wish one of those gawkers had jumped out of the car with a portable snow shovel and helped you!