Wednesday, February 14, 2007

special wish day

did i mention that today was, in fact, a special wish day?? although boo missed the valentine party at school (actually, just rescheduled for tomorrow), he has no regrets. and he's resisted eating any of the fun dip valentines in this box:

boo is graced with the wisdom of a fifth grader: kids like the valentines better if they involve candy. if we started three weeks before, we could probably have constructed 20 handmade, lovely valentines while somehow incorporating candy, but there's nothing quite like fun dips (how i wish they were lik 'm aid).

so, i came home from work and whipped up these babies:

mmm, vegan pizza perfection: foreground, roasted potato, sundried tomato, carmelized onions, light on the sauce, vegan mozzarella pizza. behind that, half plain vegan cheese and half veggie burger crumbles. background, salad and newman's light vinaigrette. dad, i promise next time i come to your house i'll cook you something scrumptious instead of making you buy me indian takeout!!!

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David said...

Looks good! We had vegan cheesy lasagna that I made for my valentine. I found it after following one of your links.