Wednesday, January 10, 2007

cupcake mishap

i attempted the world-famous orange cupcakes filled with orange pudding, topped with dark chocolate ganache, which i've made successfully at least once in the past. this time i made the orange filling with tapioca flour (i must have used cornstarch or arrowroot last time), and it ended up the strangest consistency. it reminded me of a cross between the flubber boo used to make from time to time at his funky preschool, and that liquid/solid science experiment you can do with cornstarch.

see what i mean?

ewww. not suitable for selling, in my opinion. HOWEVER, when topped with extra-huge blobs of ganache, they tasted just dandy, and i watched bean, boo, m, artemis, and crazy girl all happily consume them. and i could've watched myself do the same, had i been looking in a mirror while i ate mine.


Artemis said...

they were delicious!

Liz Woodbury said...

aw, thanks!