Wednesday, December 06, 2006

talking to myself

i think i want to buy myself a domain name for the new year. all the good ones are taken, though (;;;, however, is available. does anyone have any brilliant ideas? i could probably get a dot-biz address real cheap.

i was hoping for, because i have realized lately that part of my delighted interest in people who talk to themselves and/or travel with imaginary companions is due to the fact that i do it all the time (talk to myself, that is -- i haven't yet graduated to acquiring an imaginary companion). the thing is, i do it very quietly and mostly when there's no one around. today, for example, i spoke soft words to my car, scooby-doo, as i got into it at the gym: "please start, little darlin," i heard myself murmur (it's been pretty cold these last few days, and scooby's been a recalcitrant starter some mornings). i think i was channeling joanna newsom. and you know what? it started right up!

this has got to be one of the top five reasons to have a dog: it is a perfect cover for talking to one's self. i talk to minnow all day long. plus, in a related note, my childhood imaginary friend was a little boy named minnow.

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