Saturday, December 30, 2006

survived christmas

the question is, will we survive the post-christmas blues, due to the absence of all our many wonderful family members? i always have a hard time right after christmas, getting back to the normal routine, cleaning up the decorations, pulling ornaments off the tree and hauling it to the curb...

worst of all, after a full week of hoping for snow (especially for the benefit of our out-of-town guests), it just started snowing a half hour after david, ellen, and miles pulled out of the driveway.

okay, some highlights of our week-long festival of extravagence, delicious food, playstation2 games, extended family, and an extra dog:

the table looks nicer set for thirteen people.

did i mention that bean got a banjo for christmas??

handsome miles, minnow's cousin.

pink loves her hello kitty boombox!

we, uh, made a menorah? out of cardboard and aluminum foil? and j made amazing matzoh ball soup and latkes, which we ate with uncle chuck's famous homemade apple sauce. no, none of us is jewish, but we love hanukkah.

a couple of guitar heroes.


Anonymous said...

Oh, it's good to see you blogging like crazy again, Liz! Didn't we have a good time?!

Liz Woodbury said...

yay, i'm glad you both had as great a time as i did. yes, i'm back in the bloggery. and as shakespeare, or buddha, would say:

this thought is as a death, which cannot choose/
but weep to have that which it fears to lose.

right, dad??

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's good to have you back! The web has been rather boring without you, but I'm glad to hear you were having such a good time! Re:the Christmas banjo--make sure she reads today's Peanuts!

Artemis said...

*no none of us ARE jewish.....i'd REALLY like to see that menorah......really.....hahaha

Liz Woodbury said...

actually, lil miss grammar police officer, we are both correct. "none" is considered to be either plural or singular, depending upon the situation. to make the singular make sense in your head, substitute "not one" for "none." see? i know whereof i speak.