Thursday, November 16, 2006

who, me?

i haven't been able to sit down and write a post yet this week, somehow. i've been busy as usual stitching shirts and sewing labels on printed shirts for a whole bunch of adorably-named kids' clothing stores. yesterday, for example, i spent hours sewing labels in the collars of dark gray and olive green shirts printed with codfish (speaking of fish, did you hear that a scientist predicted that ALL species of saltwater fish and shellfish will be extinct by 2048, at the rate we're going? another excellent reason to go vegetarian, i say). also, i've been maintaining the cupcake momentum, attempting to bake two dozen at a time to keep cbb well stocked. today there will be chocolate-ginger cupcakes and cookies and cream cupcakes for sale.

on tuesday night, we went to see joanna newsom at the somerville theatre, courtesy of david and ellen (they gave bean 4 tickets to the concert for her birthday). our good friend and would-be president of the joanna newsom fanclub, mama d, drove us down there in her cushy minivan and took us all out to dinner at a great indian restaurant before the show. and the show was excellent -- she played her entire new album, backed by a great band, and did four songs from her first album as well. her voice sounds amazing, kind of smoother around the edges, with the occasional insane squeak at the beginning of a line.

so here are three new cds we've treated ourselves to of late, and i highly recommend all of them:

i am totally in love with this last one, the decemberists' the crane wife. it's gorgeous -- adam, if you don't already have this, add it to your christmas list NOW!


Ellen said...

We're going to see joanna newsom Saturday night in Greensboro. I think we might need to go out and buy her new album beforehand!

Liz Woodbury said...

yes! do it!! oh, you're going to love her. she's like a sweet little odd doll.

Anonymous said...

we're longing for some new cds...(HINT)

Adam said...

I saw this on your blog, and then heard the Decemberists album while I was out shopping. I want it!