Saturday, November 25, 2006


we celebrated thanksgiving in various ways: m and boo went for a walk at two lights state park. bean worked on her various sewing projects while i got a start on my annual pre-christmas basement cleaning. i had been dreading it because i knew there was a ton of mildewed stuff down there from a wee basement flood back in...june? some time in the spring, anyway. i had to throw away all the wrapping paper, but almost all the package decorations, ribbons, and old new yorker cartoons were unscathed, as are the christmas stockings (i am responsible for 15 of these, including two for the two dogs in our extended family) and all the other christmas decorations safely ensconsed in plastic bins. i'm not finished with the basement yet, but it is MUCH improved.

much more excitingly, we went out for indian food thanksgiving night and bean's friend flora and her dad came along with us, which was great fun. after dinner, m, bean, boo and i went to see for your consideration -- not the best in the christopher guest oeuvre, but absolutely great nonetheless (laugh out loud funny in spots, and not quite as funny as it could've been in others).

boo worked at the store with m yesterday, manning the cafe cash register, and earning about $25 in tips! bean and i took turns at the sewing machine (she's working on a couple of projects, one from a pattern and another a glamorous garment of her own invention. i gave her this book for her birthday, which i think is going to be really fun and informative). after work, m and boo went to see stranger than fiction, the new will ferrell movie (two thumbs up), while bean and i watched a marathon of the american what not to wear. i am thankful for all these days of sleeping in and hanging out with bean and boo! i am also thankful for the new sufjan stevens christmas boxed set, which my auntie sent to me, and which is just the ticket for jump-starting that holiday spirit.

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