Monday, November 27, 2006

mmm, lunch

sorry about the hideous picture -- i was too lazy to remove the plastic wrap in order to properly photograph these monday morning lunches, which would have made them much more photogenic. here is bean's lovely lunch, consisting of vegan crepes with curried sweet potato filling and cilantro-tamarind sauce in the little orange container. also, marinated brussels sprouts, and a hazelnut cupcake with hazelnut-chocolate filling and ganache on top. i made a dozen of them last night, and there is ONE remaining in the fridge, so i guess these won't be for sale at cbb today (consumers of the cupcakes last night: me, m, bean, boo, flora, artemis, and crazy girl).

in boo's lunch: crepes, potato filling (instead of the sweet potato, which he tried last night and didn't care for), red peppers, and a hazelnut cupcake. very vanilla soy milk on the side. yum!


charlotte said...

here's my question: how much of that food is locally grown, how much is organic, and how much is grown and shipped by happy, wealthy family farmers!!!???

margot said...

are you ready to bond with root vegetables, miss gliss?

Liz Woodbury said... golly, i live in MAINE, not ITALY!