Friday, November 17, 2006

goodwill hunting

bean and i went to the goodwill after school yesterday, and we did some anthropological research. we found this biblical verse mug. it once belonged to joyce, and we wondered what brought her to donate it to the goodwill? bean guesses that she died, because why else would she ever part with it?

joyce: "a true proverbs 31:28 woman."

"her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her." just like me! the thing that's truly odd about this mug, well, one of the things, is its shape. it looks like someone just took some clay and randomly squeezed it into a vaguely mug-like shape.

i don't even know what this is, but it's terrifying.

and finally, our score: two hunting scene drinking glasses. tiny, tiny yellow hunters with guns pointing at ginormous pheasants. these we actually purchased, for 59 cents each.

we overheard two ladies talking, and everything one of them said had something to do with how exorbitant the prices were. she held up a spool of thread and snorted, "fifty-nine cents they want for this! and i saw 'em at wal-mart, two for a dollah!" and then she repeated the word "duh" many, many, many times.


Enoch said...

It's obviously a Rabbimonkonut, which is a hybrid between a Rabbit, Monkey, and Coconut. Very rare!

Liz Woodbury said...

oh, wow, i probably should've bought it. it could have fetched a small fortune on ebay!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of hybrids (or conglomerates) like the Rabbimonkonut, have you noticed that Hannaford is now advertising "Turducken" for the holiday dining pleasure of their patrons? I'm sorry that your are vegan and will not be able to sample this new delicacy!

Artemis said...

that is one scary mask! when i was little i bought a rafiki doll (lion king) that looked just like that, no joke. then in the middle of the night i went into my moms room and said (famous quote of mine) "Mommy, rafiki is looking at me funny" thus we got rid of the doll