Friday, October 20, 2006


remember my cupcake book, which i bought for myself for my birthday? well, i've tried several recipes from it already: apple cider cupcakes, chai latte cupcakes, golden vanilla cupcakes, simple chocolate cupcakes, gluten-free vanilla cupcakes (eee. tasted a little like a super-sweet corn muffin, i'm afraid). i've only had one all-out disaster, which involved the custardy filling of the boston cream pie cupcake (an agar-agar mishap, but i haven't given up on it). here's today's experiment, bound for casco bay books, peanut butter cupcakes:

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Liz Woodbury said...

it's a kind of seaweed that's used as a gelatin-like thickener. it comes in flakes and powder, and the powder is much easier to use because it dissolves in liquid faster. i, however, have the flake kind.