Wednesday, September 13, 2006

wednesday addams

aw, isn't that cute? matching lunches! bowtie pasta with pesto and broccoli, snow peas, sliced peaches, and a spicy gingerbread cupcake each.

crew update: so, there are now two new girls in bean's crew, who seem pretty okay. one loudmouth is gone. she feels a little better about it, but we are still going to meet with her advisor to chat about it. she really wishes she had at least one ally in her crew (especially when she's on that 30' by 8' sailboat), so i think we'll investigate the best way to make that happen.

boo went swimming in the ocean yesterday! bean started a crazy modern dance class, and she also had latin class! i sewed a pile o' shirts and baked two kinds of cupcakes! can you tell that my favorite punctuation mark is this one ?


Anonymous said...

what were the circumstances under which boo went swimming in the ocean ?!

glad you're going to talk to advisor..keep up the good work !

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love an exclamation point?! Just check out Mark Trail if you think it isn't the king of punctuation!!!

Anonymous said...

ooh, Mark Trail ! I hadn't thought about him for about 27 years ! Did you have a happy birthday, Mama D ?!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I did! And my favorite (and funniest) present was a gentleman caller! Our whole family loves to read Mark Trail and there are quite a few "Trailhead" sites on the internet that are pretty durn funny! Mary, I always like talking to you on Liz's blog!

Anonymous said...

me too ! especially when exclamation points are in vogue!