Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ruby tuesday

bean's middle eastern-style lunch:

tabouli, hummus, pita and little felafel patties.

boo's version:

hummus with pita, carrots, and snow peas to dip. pretzels and half a double chocolate chip vegan cookie on the side.

i'm afraid i don't have a satisfactory school report from bean yet, since she didn't spend any time with her crew yesterday. she spent the day in nicer company, starting some kind of mini-expedition and making a lovely hand-bound book. today is suppsed to be more of a regular, scheduled day, and on tuesdays the crews eat lunch together. so by the end of the day, we should know what's up with the supposed dramatic changes!

as for boo, he contines to pretty much enjoy the bus and school, and he is thrilled to be taking fifth grade math (taught by none other than our good friend dancer lady), which is reputed to be really fun. a little later in the year, he will get to find a job in the paper, and based on his salary, he will rent an imaginary apartment, buy a car, furnish his home, get a checkbook, etc. bean loved math when she was in fifth grade!

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