Monday, September 18, 2006

more lunch

i'll try this week to come up with more interesting adventures, aside from these thrilling lunchboxes, especially since boo's ideal lunches are pretty similar to each other. he loves a good sandwich on nice crusty bread!

along with his veggie bacon and lettuce sandwich on the aforementioned crusty bread, today boo has edamame, pirate booty, and the tasty organic raspberries we keep buying on sale from wild oats.

another japanese lunch for bean:

mmm, inari, with soy sauce in the little purple container. edamame, raspberries, and a tiny package of some unidentified japanese sweet that i couldn't resist when i saw it at sun market.

i forgot to mention that i found a really amazing vegan crepe recipe, which i made for breakfast on sunday. unfortunately, the filling recipe i followed resulted in a gloppy, gelatinous, sweet mess that nobody wanted to partake of, so we just had naked crepes sprinkled with powdered sugar. i can't wait to try different fillings, though, because they taste really good, very eggy and delicate.


Jeannette said...

How in the world did you close boo's lunch box with that gigantic sandwich??

Liz Woodbury said...

it's an optical illusion -- it actually snuggled down quite comfortably next to the edamame (and i wrapped it in a wax paper bag).