Friday, September 15, 2006

friday on my mind

another matchy-matchy lunch day. hmm, perhaps i'm just running out of lunch-making steam? it does feel like it's been a long week (the first full week of school, after all), and i plan to sleep in tomorrow morning and not make anybody any lunch. unless they ask really nicely.

so, we have here smoked tofurkey sammiches with lettuce and red onion (bean) or provolone (boo), on the ciabatta we like cause it fits so well in the lunchboxes. also, organic raspberries and pita chips. chocolate silk on the side, cause it's friday!

bean received a lovely lovely gift from her amazing auntie and uncle yesterday! it's a perfect margot tennenbaum faux fur coat!

she'll have a butterscotch sundae. she guesses.


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic coat! If I'm not mistaken, this is the second year in a row that a wonderful coat has shown up as a gift from an aunt and/or uncle. As Napoleon would say, "Lucky!!!"

Liz Woodbury said...

those aunts, uncles, and great-aunts like to spoil us all rotten!

Anonymous said...

Yes - Lucky, indeed !it's purrfect, Margot!
All I can think of is the untidy museum which I know is out of business...where did they find it?!

Ellen said...

The Untidy Museum has been resurrected as part of something called the Anti-Mall in Durham! We found out about it last weekend when we went into a new shoe store called HaHa Shoes that opened in Carrboro and they had a postcard. To describe the location, they say, "Near the jail". The jail is actually next to the Durham Bulls Stadium.

Anonymous said...

oh boy! can't wait to go to the anti-mall by the jail!!