Tuesday, September 19, 2006

arrr, today is talk like a pirate day. gar.

i considered typing all the text of this post into the pirate translator, but then i thought better of it. still, i'd like to say:

ahoy, have a fabulous day. aye, me parrot concurs.

check out this video for more advice on talking like a pirate.

and here is today's local bizarre story. very weird.

and finally, the lunch photos of the day!

boo's lunchbox, festooned with rogues gallery patches:

and bean's, with the smiths' meat is murder patch:

the picture i took of the actual lunchbox contents came out kind of weirdly unappetizing-looking, so i'll just describe them. i made calzones with homemade pesto and broccoli inside; blueberry muffins; and snow peas. i'm so happy that the cousins all have matching lunchboxes!


Anonymous said...


check this out. totally unrelated to anything else, but you'll love it! found it on never go home!

Anonymous said...

Love the pirate translator! And, thanks to your blog, Michaela is up to date on the latest Portland news even though she's in Minnesota.

Liz Woodbury said...

and i'd like everyone to know that lucky pierre, spouse of mama d, wore PIRATE CLOTHES yesterday!

Anonymous said...

that is the COOLEST ! YARRR, lucky pierre, shiver me timbers!!