Wednesday, July 19, 2006


it was so hot last night that nobody was hungry for dinner until after 8:00, so we picked up veggie sushi, spring rolls, salad, and red hot blues at wild oats and took it all out to m's favorite dock to eat it.

note, first of all, that bean is sporting new red glasses she bought at the garment district, and second of all, the two old chinese ladies who sat way out at the end of the dock enjoying the breeze and chatting in chinese.

it's cameraphone-style and all, but it was sure a purty sunset.


Anonymous said...

What an idyllic little evening! You all surely do take advantage of Portland's cool places. In 45 minutes, I take Miss Gliss to the international jetport so she can actually go to an international destination!

Liz Woodbury said...

hoo-ray! did she really stay up all night??

Anonymous said...

She thought better of that after talking to my world-traveler brother, Danny, and Michaela. So she packed her 47-pound bag, her tasteful LLB carry-on, both on loan from Catherine, and hit the sack at 11:45, only to be awakened at 2:40. Her fatigue was offset by the excitement, I think. It's very exciting even to think about, in my opinion!