Saturday, June 10, 2006

edith & edna

after a long day of stitchery, i took bean, boo, artemis and crazy girl to meet m in the old port, and we walked in the misty rain down exchange street, in the general direction of bubble tea. we finally got to stop and check out edith & edna, which is pretty wonderful -- i'd say second only to our beloved ferdinand for handmade goodies to covet and add to our wish lists.

crazy girl was already well acquainted with one of the store's owners, and she spent some time shmoozing.

i'd like to get to know this angry rabbit a little better.

in cookery news (as opposed to stitchery), i made really delicious (but alas, unphotogenic) stewed potatoes, tofu, mushrooms, and kale in a miso gravy from none other than vegan with a vengeance. yum. i also made pancakes because i thought the kids wouldn't like my vegan stew, but i was WRONG.


margot said...

i think that store is delightful. wasn't that jewelry lovely? if i was planning on buying myself an eighty-dollar necklace, i know which one i'd pick.

Liz Woodbury said...

ooh, me too!