Saturday, May 27, 2006

happy birthday, boo!

happy tenth birthday, my boy! i can hardly believe how fast the last ten years flew by. it seems like yesterday that you were running to the dress up clothes at preschool to grab your favorite angel wings (which you're wearing in these pictures). but i suppose it must have been about six years ago. you are such an amazing person!! i hope you have a wonderful birthday and a fun, fabulous year.

mmmm...cinnamon rolls for the birthday breakfast, with cantaloupe, strawberries, and hot chocolate. last night we whisked boo out for a surprise trip to rock and roll sushi with bean and flora, and dancer lady, artemis and crazy girl joined us, too. benkay has added an exciting new element to their disco ball/blacklight sushi night: kung fu movies. right before we left, around 10:45, we were treated to full frontal nudity on the movie screen, and all the benkay staff rushing over to make sure we were "okay with it." which we were, plus we were just leaving!

boo opened two gifts this morning, this lego ferrari, which he assembled in a jiffy, and...

this rush t-shirt from bean, who tracked it down on ebay after weeks of research!


scottheim said...

Happy birthday! Wish I were there to play the latest newly-invented pier sidewalk tag games.

Liz Woodbury said...

summer's coming -- it's just about time for tag on the maine state pier!