Sunday, April 23, 2006

google, part two

wow, people were busy googling last night. since the last time i checked, i've got all kinds of new searches which brought people to my extremely special blog (still nothing bizarre, unfortunately, but still):

vegan blueberry buckle
lizzie lou (many dogs with this name, apparently)
mommy is a democrat
spaghetti-o factory
squirrel costume

not bad for one weekend. i must be more prolific, as well as more bizarre, i think, to reap the benefits i seek.

hey, my family is back, my house is no longer clean, and i am cooking all kinds of stuff (even stuff i don't feel like eating). but it is pretty wonderful to have them all back! m and i watched i heart huckabees last night, which i expected to be completely meandering, plotless, and frustrating from what i'd read about it, but i kind of loved it. i want an existential detective of my own!

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