Friday, July 29, 2005

farewell, old friend

for thirteen years, you've been as true
as your now-not-so-shiny paint of blue.
you've driven us through sun and storm,
in maine so cold and baltimore warm.

we loved you so when you were new,
decided on four doors instead of two,
cloth interior, standard transmission --
our new car dreams had come to fruition.

for a monthly payment of one ninety-nine,
your excellent gas mileage suited us fine.
through babies number one and two,
you ran and ran and helped us through.

with never a complaint or whine,
though your handles fell off and you lost your shine,
you only required basic maintenance service,
your steadfastness meant we weren't ever nervous.

but with your mileage at over one-fifty,
and your engine no longer sounding so nifty,
and that broken airbag that failed the inspection,
we had to take things in a brand new direction.

you're leaving to help all those sams, annes, and sidneys
who moan and groan 'cause of aches in their kidneys.
we'll miss you, dear honda, you've been a great car.
we'll think of you often, wherever you are.


charlotte said...

hey! where's the license plate?

Liz Woodbury said...

hey! we took it off yesterday so they can haul her away today or monday, boo hoo...

charlotte said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh... that is sad. that is probably the best peom i have ever read.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the USA has found its next poet laureate??? I recommend forwarding this lovely ode to President Bush ASAP. I think he will fire Ted Kooser and hire you, because your poetry is even more accessible than Ted's!

charlotte said...
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charlotte said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice poem. Did you buy another Honda?

Anonymous said...

I love the rhymes. can't decide whether my favorite is sidneys & kidneys (+ link) or transmission & all your fams know that you were named poet laurete of John Jay HS ? I agree, next comes the USA. I also like the idea of tombstone poems...who dleleted comments, btw? Is that person off stage, crying right now?

Liz Woodbury said...

oh, i tend to be rather modest about my POET LAUREATE OF JOHN JAY HIGH SCHOOL status...actually, it had slipped my mind!

i don't know who deleted comments. did they try to make it rhyme and couldn't hack it? did they say something nasty and then regret it? we may never know...

dear anonymous, no, i now drive scooby doo the subaru, a hand me down from my dear brother!

charlotte said...

no, i am not crying, but i did make roughly six typos in each post. that embarrasses me soooooooo much that i'm not even going to tell what they said.

charlotte said...

liz! can i put a link to your blog on mine? pleeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz?

Artemis said...

how heart touching.........