Thursday, September 22, 2022

That's the world, and we all live there

Lately I worry that every personal email I send is going to be marked as spam. I just typed one to Mark with the subject line PUPPIES, containing nothing but a link. Then I added text: "Did you read this already?" Still pretty spammy. I am too lazy, usually, to type out chatter, and I'm so often just sending something funny or interesting that in the old Book-of-Faces days I would have "posted" on someone's "wall" or whatever. And in the even older days before that I would've cut out of the newspaper with scissors and mailed in an envelope.

I got a flu shot today, at the weird clinic where I also got two of my four Covid shots. It's an empty office building of some sort, re-purposed into a vaccine clinic. There are twisty, winding hallways marked with blue tape arrows so you can figure out how to escape at the end. It's full of huge empty rooms with one or two pieces of plastic-covered furniture:

A ghost is clearly sitting in the left-hand chair.

A white lady with dreadlocks gave me my shot, after saying some things I couldn't hear (she never got louder, even after I said, "I'm sorry, what?" a bunch of times, so I gave up and put a blank smile on my face). Then I think she offered me a Dum-dum from a cup that had only like four in it, which was next to a pile of unicorn stickers, and I smiled blankly and followed the blue arrows back to my car.

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