Monday, May 09, 2022

No other earth to prepare for

Mark and Clover and I walked Adam and Charlie through the park the other night on their way home, and we heard a tiny brass ensemble, three musicians sitting on the sidewalk playing in the dark. Last night I had a dream in which I generously forgave a relative for their wrong opinion on Roe v Wade, grasping their hand with Jesus-like forbearance. The dream does not reflect my actual feelings on the issue.

I'm tired from listening to people talk, and a piece of my tooth broke off so now I definitely have to go to the dentist.* 

I found a plant sale, got up early on Saturday to drive almost an hour to buy three Virginia roses and lowbush blueberry and a hay scented fern and Joe Pye weed. Went by an artisanal Portland popup plant sale that was charging twice the price for teeny plants, so I resisted those. Next year I'm determined to start some from seed.

Hello from a work in progress and a patch of dirt upon which birds love to bathe.

*I have an actual appointment!

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