Monday, April 04, 2022

I was a child of the shining meadow

Trying to write here, dear (and few) readers! I'm still attempting to surgically detach myself from very many of the Online Places, and this is one good way. April seems like an ideal month for such things. I'm also writing on paper, some. 

I filled my bird feeders and the Little Brown Ones are gobbling it all, once again battling each other for the cheap finch food in the red feeder that distracts me while I try to work. They can be pretty brutal with their little beaks, and always I wish I could communicate there's more than enough to go around, small friends. 

We're watching so many TV shows, keep intending to sit down to a whole movie but then getting pulled into series that keep us busy, plus the sportsball of course.* Here's a really good thing we're watching and loving: SEVERANCE. Here's a really bad thing we're watching and loving: Inventing Anna

I'm also reading. I liked Jonathan Franzen's Crossroads a lot more than I expected to, and about halfway through, I'm warming up to Klara and the Sun. I really loved Very Cold People by Sarah Manguso. I am also reading all the things about the Larry Ray trial.**

We have continued to have social interactions with a small number of actual humans, which is lovely. This week's plans involve more humans, on at least three days! And I can hardly believe it, but Adam returns to Portland one week from today!

*ROCK CHALK, though I may have just jinxed it for tonight, and they'll be rushing Franklin Street instead of Mass. 

**CW: bizarre and terrible cult details

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