Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Those Evenings of the Brain —

I'm scattered (sung to the tune of this song). Look at me! 

Where the heck did March go? I've seen some animals this month and meant to keep careful track, but right now I'm only remembering

1. A huge, beautiful, brown hawk that landed on the metal fence beside the highway overpass that is on our regular dogwalk route. It was right behind Mark! I said, "WOW," and it flew away.

2. A motherforking RAT that ran across my back yard, from the compost to the shed/playhouse. Clover was oblivious. The sighting inspired me to move every single thing that had been near the house* to a location far away from the house, and Mark to fix a loose piece of siding that may have been an entry point for squirrels to dance about inside the ceiling over our sunroom? Or...rats? In any event, after he closed the gap, he stopped hearing anyone tap dancing in there**

3. A butterfly. A butterfly in March?

*lumber with nails sticking out, mostly
**I never did hear it, thank you hearing loss!

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