Tuesday, January 18, 2022

You look, like a dog in a suit, at once old and young for your age

I feel as distracted as I did that day I was listening to the Brett Kavanaugh hearings while trying to get work done (remember way back in 2018? Don't be impressed that I remembered it was 2018, I had to google it. Also, was that the Before Times? Or did the Before Times Era end pre-2016? Hmm, food for thought). Anyway, that was either the height of my distraction or the start of it. And today I'm probably just over-caffeinated.

The pipes are unfrozen, of course. In fact, after my hero's journey to buy a heat gun at Lowe's (I narrowly avoided getting trapped on the way home by a train derailment, expertly steering Virginia Woolf onto the highway and around to approach my house from the other side of town), Mark ended up returning it an hour later (sad trombone sound here). By the time I made it back, he had opened the bathroom floor and exposed the pipes, and they had thawed right out. Later, he shoved insulation in the floor.*

Spoiler: THEY CAN

Me, 2023

Work-related, believe it or not.

Time traveling.

*This may solve the problem, although it's an issue of the pipe being near an exterior wall that's basically not insulated so we shall see.

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