Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Recommendations for a long winter

Wordle's a word now, spell checker.

I simply must insist that you try Wordle if you haven't yet. You can only play it once a day, and it just takes a few minutes, so it can't...become a problem.

You could try baking a chocolate babka too, if you have some friends or neighbors to share it with. 

Stitch with yellow thread. Buy a new journal. Drink peppermint tea instead of nine more cups of coffee. Wear mittens instead of gloves. Watch good movies. Get a soft sleep mask. Light candles. Apply extra lotion. Go outside, no matter the situation out there. Read a real book. Make fish tacos, then the next night make "fish tacos" with whatever you can find in your fridge (tofu, potatoes, carrots, beans, whatever). Think about making soup. 

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