Thursday, November 04, 2021

Those who seek feel the glow

(Among the) songs that play on my brain radio when Clover is banging on the screen door to come in from the back yard:

Hello it's Me 

Let 'Em In

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

I Hear You Knocking

Open the Door, Richard

Today in "I Can Read Dogs' Minds," while walking Clover this morning we saw a Pyrenees leaping joyfully, sniffing the ground, then leaping again, gleeful, as close to smiling as dogs get. There was a layer of frost on the grass, and obviously this dog (who normally saunters slowly along, aloof) was thinking "IT'S PRACTICALLY SNOW."

So yes, frost and soft striped flannel sheets and two-sweater mornings and warming hands on mugs of coffee.

(I love Patti Smith. I don't love all her music, but I love this song, and I love the story that goes with it: Paths that cross)

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