Saturday, November 06, 2021

Softly searching for my delinquent palaces

Actually just organizing and twisting Mark's arm to let me donate some books to the 'brary (duplicates, Harry Potter, random novels, etc. He likes to hang on to all of it). As I was sorting through things, I found some items of interest. 

Starting with the saddest, I came upon a dust-covered crinkle ball, Theo's favorite. They stopped selling these and replaced them with larger ones, but he didn't care for those. My guess is these were choking hazards? Every few months we'd unearth one from under the fridge or behind a bookshelf and Theo would have hours minutes of fun!

Oh, Theo.

I completely forgot that Isaac had a book signed by David Sedaris.

Also so happy he's alive!

And finally, a find that may have been submitted to Found Magazine. Definitely found by Mom in Cambridge. 


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