Tuesday, February 09, 2021

A web isn't a home

I could never have dreamed I'd live in an age in which my husband can look at the magic watch on his wrist and see how many calories both of my sisters-in-law burned that day. What a time to be alive!

Note: Today the role of the toast in "Avocado Toast" will be played by Trader Joe's frozen hash browns baked extra crispy.

The fire pit in our yard is not the site of many merry socially-distanced Nordic-style hot chocolate gatherings, as I'd pictured. Rather, it is only growing rustier in the snow.

It blows my mind that when you see a video of a murmuration of starlings (or if you're very very lucky, actually witness a murmuration), each of those starlings looks like this!

The way the BBC reporter says "em" instead of "um." The way she pronounces "WHO," "double-u haitch oh."

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