Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Look at the pictures and the cutlery

I woke so early this morning, to the sound of what I initially thought was workers dumping truckloads of rocks repeatedly onto the street outside, but was actually just the noise each car made as it flew through the intersection over the temporary plates covering the holes in the pavement. Flew through the intersection, I should add, because as of yesterday it's suddenly without a single traffic light (it went from six to zero). Most of the streets are closed off, but still it's very strange and dark out there.

A kind of symmetry: as I fell asleep last night, I was startled back awake by the shattering of glass (a glass shade on one of the bathroom lights, knocked gently-but-not-gently-enough by Isaac).

This morning I walked Clover in the neighborhood, while Mark recovered from a migraine, and we were invited to play in a dog friend's yard (by the dog's human companion, that is). Clover spent much of the playdate sitting at my side looking sad, and later I realized she'd been stung by a bee (I think) on her face. Now one side is swollen, so she looks like two types of dog, depending on which way she's facing. She allowed me to hold an ice pack on her face for a very long time (best girl).

I have spent too many internetminutes googling "immigrating to Canada" lately. By the way.

Okay, Tuesday, what else have you got in store for me?

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