Friday, August 14, 2020

This one has a little star

A fish misadventure* happened here yesterday. Isaac had great plans to grill two whole fishes stuffed with lemon and garlic. The fishes, in their plastic bag from the fish market, felt so very very heavy. And that was because they were full of their internal organs.** As I made a big salad and tried to pay very little attention, Isaac read to me from the "how to clean a fish" website: "First, subdue the fish. Knock it out, and make sure it's dead." Later, after the operation had moved to the back yard, he came in for a large spoon: "I have to scoop out its liver," he said sadly. Mark helped. The yard is still littered with scales that look like shiny sequins. Neither of them wanted to eat fish after they had 65% finished with one of them. We felt the terrible waste of two fishy lives, but said a prayer and double wrapped their bodies and lay them to rest in the garbage.

Then we ordered pizza. 

*This reminds me of something I wasn't involved in but that still haunts me, the story of an unwanted gift of live lobsters and what happens when you put live lobsters in the wrong sort of water.

**Isaac has bought and cooked whole fish from this same market several times before, and they had been cleaned and gutted.

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