Thursday, March 19, 2020

Love in the time of COVID-19

(Updated to add links)

Oh I keep meaning to write something here, but I find myself scribbling in a journal instead (literally, scribbling little sketches of stuff, i.e. dogs, as well as writing words and lists and so on). Here's what's been happening in my house/life:

  • Isaac and Edna are here, in limbo as they wait to learn how online instruction will work for the remainder of their semesters. It's a bizarre, sad way for Isaac's undergraduate career to end.
  • We've been watching movies:
  • And TV:
  • Even after searching the stores for flour in a frenzy, once Mark had come home, victorious, with a bag from Whole Foods, it took me a few days to decide what I wanted to bake and to actually start baking. Here's what we've made so far:
    • Socca, eaten with two friend eggs on top (chickpea flour required)
    • Vegan pumpkin pecan bread
    • No-knead bread (this is rising right now, and if it works out we'll eat it with this soup tonight)
    • Isaac whipped up some focaccia last night, topped with rosemary and flaky salt
It was a more innocent time.

Good things:

  • Bare footprints in the sand on the beach 
  • A V of Canadian geese flying north overhead
  • Clover in her new bed, looking like she's asleep in the arms of a stuffed animal
  • The calming properties of a piece of buttered toast
  • A video of a man playing Moonlight Sonata on a piano for an elderly elephant's listening pleasure

And finally, notes on getting a massage, which I jotted down over a week ago, which now feels like the distant past (when will we be able to do things like get a haircut or a massage again?):

It sure is weird right now, at this moment in history, to be doing something that involves a stranger putting their hands all over your body. 

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