Friday, February 07, 2020

Harsh words and scattered syringes

(From a movie review I was just reading: "Rated R for harsh words and scattered syringes.")

Ugh, I've got to get off the social media. Getting embroiled in a long back-and-forth with anti-vaxxers on Facebook was not how I'd planned to spend 2020. In contrast, and confusingly, I also had a lovely interaction with a friend I only interact with on FB (i.e. if I quit FB I lose that connection, and it matters to me). I'm continuing my brutal cull of people and places that bring me down, muting and unfollowing ruthlessly. 

Clover isn't a fan of the new normal around here. It involves a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs and being carried around a lot. No frolicking in the back yard, no off leash play times. Business-only leash walks. NO FUN. Added to our heartbreak is the knowledge that these are some of her last months (or, maybe, weeks) with Gus.


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