Friday, January 24, 2020

Winter, that was another thing

It me.

  • I really love Max Richter's music. I enjoy falling asleep to Sleep, and I'm crazy about the soundtrack to The Leftovers. This Tiny Desk Concert is so good, especially seeing On the Nature of Daylight played live. This is one of the few pieces of music that makes me cry without the use of sad lyrics (or any lyrics). Ugh, I just love it.
  • And here's more on the luckiest lady in the world, the Scottish woman who can't feel pain or anxiety. And did I mention she lives in Scotland?

    "Whenever I pressed Cameron for details about a seemingly devastating occurrence, she wasn’t evasive; she was mystifying—always ending up on a lovely memory, via a route so unforeseeable it was as if it, too, were determined by a child with a map."

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