Friday, January 10, 2020

Half a day in the life

  • Made coffee, drank it.
  • Walked the dogs in the gray morning. Teased M for claiming it wasn't that cold (fingers, stiff and painful).
  • Took a rare morning shower (I prefer alternate afternoons, generally, or bedtime is nice too).
  • Got my hairs cut! My head feels light, my hair smooth and floaty. Jamie wanted to cut it in a "long lob," and I let him do it. It makes me feel (very slightly) stylish.
  • Stopped at the medical marijuana dispensary to pick up my special tincture (BECAUSE 2020).
  • I was heading for the library when the power steering ceased to be — when this happens in a car, I am transported back to 1984 and a certain 1970 Volvo. I veered toward home, and as I neared the intersection where my house is located (using all of my upper body strength to turn the steering wheel), the car stopped altogether. The hazard lights blinked palely. I called M, he called AAA. M and Isaac came to my rescue, and they (with two not entirely necessary helpful bystanders) pushed the car out of the intersection into a parking lot.
  • I walked home and ate a piece of toast with peanut butter, while M accompanied our car to the car place.
  • I wrote some words for money.
Best boys.

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