Sunday, January 05, 2020


I have been overwhelmingly distracted since yesterday by something terribly sad that happened to an Instagram acquaintance. She lost her child to suicide and posted about it the very next morning. I don't know her in real life, and I've only known her and her family the way you become familiar with online friends who illustrate their lives with beauty and clarity. But I've been aware of them for years, of this sweet boy who's suddenly gone. And his sweet mother and younger brother whose world has just ended, and who will have to start over in an entirely new one, without him. I can't stop going back to her post, and scrolling through pictures from her past. It feels like the heaviest, saddest event to witness (up close, but afar). If you're interested in helping, there is a Meal Train site where people are making donations. 

And of course, I'm sending love out to all the humans I adore so much.

In happier news, I'm in awe of this solar system quilt made in 1876. It makes me think of my brilliant niece Oona.*

Click for all the info!

“The eye that directs a needle in the delicate meshes of embroidery will equally well bisect a star with the spider web of the micrometer." - Maria Mitchell 

*MOM, note, no comma after "niece," as I have more than one brilliant niece!

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