Sunday, December 08, 2019

I love you. I'm glad I exist.

I've been thinking about how I took this January and part of February off from Twitter and Facebook, and how really good that was for me. There is information I get both places that I'm worried I'll miss if I quit, though. I need to think this through. How will I get suggestions like this one if I exit the Twitterverse?

There's always Google for my online entertainment, of course.

Things are getting festive around here, with powdery snow on the ground and lights on our house and wreaths and swags and winterberry all over. We're waiting on the tree until Zoë gets here, though! I am trying to clean and organize in the meantime, as well as making headway on the ridiculous* amounts of baking required for a Woodbury-High-Mir Family Christmas.

May I recommend Schitt's Creek as an incredibly soothing remedy for all your holiday stress?

*Ridiculous but excellent and correct

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