Thursday, April 25, 2019

Wake me up when the primary's over

...and I'll leap up, ready to put a bumper sticker on my car and whatever else is necessary. I sure do wish it could be a woman or a person of color or a woman of color, though.

I started the day enormously annoyed by Joe Biden (and I'm still annoyed), BUT

I mean.

However, on the other hand, Elizabeth Warren lost her last dog to lymphoma (and she now has another golden retriever).

Dogs allowed on the couch? She's got my vote!

Cory Booker doesn't have a dog of his own (though he's vowed to get one if elected), but he is famous for being an animal rights advocate and a vegan.

This freezing dog was not the only dog he rescued when he was mayor of Newark.

Pete Buttigieg actually kind of sweeps this category if I'm honest: he's got TWO dogs (the correct number of dogs), and one of them looks like this:


Beto's got two dogs as well, one of which is a very sad black lab.

Why is his dog so sad? And where is his other dog??

Andrew Yang has a dog and it looks like this:

Bernie Sanders: no dog. 
Kamala Harris: no dog, but she (or her social media intern?) tweets frequently about dogs.
Kirsten Gilibrand has a doodle of some kind.
John Hickenlooper (whoever he is) has a rescue dog.
Eric Swalwell (?) has a dog he got on Craigslist.
Tim Ryan (I think this is another white guy) has two rescue dogs.
Jay Inslee (Jesus there are a lot of candidates) has "granddogs."
Amy Klobuchar: no dog.
Julian Castro: no dog.
Tulsi Gabbard: no dog.
Seth Moulton: I do not know who he is and he does not have a dog.
John Delaney: ditto.
Wayne Messam: nope.
Marianne Williamson: I can't find any evidence that she has a dog, but she has said, "The ego is like a scavenger dog, always on the lookout for evidence of someone's guilt," whatever that means.

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